The Hazelnut Story

Why should a city mum have to sacrifice style for practicality?

This was the question Ashley asked herself when she set out to find a handy bag to hang off her Stokke city stroller. There’s a wide range available, but she could only find big, bulky changing bags or small, cheap buggy organisers.

All she wanted was a product that is stylish and elegant, that helps her look after her little one and simplify her day. 

Changing bags are great for storing bulky things like nappies and spare clothes, but the problem is that everything gets lost inside. Where do you put your keys and mobile phone? Where do you store your drink and baby’s bottle for quick access? What about when you need a wet wipe urgently or your travelcard when boarding the bus? 

Buggy organisers are the perfect solution. They hang off the back of your buggy, give you quick access to your mummy and baby gadgets, and don’t get in the way. But why are all the ones on the market so cheap and plain? Why are all they all black? Couldn’t someone make a nice cute one to match your buggy?

Ashley wanted to prove that you don't need to compromise on style for practicality. 

She realised she could do much better: she could design her own.

This is how Hazelnut was born.

The Products

The Hazelnut collection is defined by elegance and practicality, with every detail lovingly crafted, materials hand selected, and the products put through thorough testing by city parents, toddlers and babies. 

Ashley and her husband Zac spent months choosing the right materials for the bags to identify a fabric that is silky smooth, colourful, water resistant and lightweight yet durable enough to survive all situations.

They wanted to design premium products that are innovative and practical, with careful consideration to all the elements of use: transportation, storage, cleaning, size, and of course style. 

The products are designed in London, and crafted by experienced manufacturers in Taiwan, with decades of experience making bags and accessories and rigorous quality controls.

There is no other buggy organiser on the market that combines practicality with style to the same degree.

Who We Are

Ashley is your typical city mum. She designs the Hazelnut collection not only for customers but also for herself and her son little Z to use around London. She likes things that are stylish and elegant, and loves products that help her look after her little one and simplify her day. Zac is Hazelnut's second in command, helping to keep the wheels in motion. He loves nothing more than making customers happy, ensuring that everything in the company runs smoothly without a hitch, and flying his son little Z through the air.